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Why Does Your Business Need an Email Marketing Agency?

The answer is pretty much simple, an email marketing agency is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies to engage prospects and customers.

You can build a strong customer base by using email marketing services. These messages are designed to convert prospects into customers and turn buyers into loyal clients of your product or service!

VBOUT: The Best Email Marketing Automation Tool

When it comes to email marketing tools, many companies choose VBOUT, an online marketing automation platform designed to simplify businesses’ online marketing processes.

VBOUT offers customizable features that users can easily modify according to their personal needs and requirements. Users experience the best of marketing automatization thanks to VBOUT’s super easy and extremely intuitive interface.


Marketing professionals and business owners can now manage and automate their tasks in a smart way. This automation platform helps them increase lead generation, development, and conversion by providing marketing teams with powerful automation tools for email and social media management, analytics, and lead intelligence.

VBOUT email marketing makes businesses’ efforts more efficient and effective from only one dashboard. Users are able to track ROI, manage their channels and segment their campaigns, among other functionalities.


The platform offers a spam check service to verify the email sender’s domain to improve email deliverability. Besides, VBOUT lets you monitor your email performance by providing in-depth insights and metrics.

Create automated emails and newsletters in minutes! You can target various audiences, build and manage contact lists for each of your clients, and keep track of newsletters and emails performance in no time. You’ll realize that automation saves a lot of work and valuable time in everyday tasks.

How Does Global Wizards Use VBOUT?

You have probably read many VBOUT reviews where there is a lot of information about its features, pros and cons. But Global Wizards always wants to go a bit further, that is why we will tell you our experience using VBOUT when we deliver email automation services to our clients.


Lucio, our expert in email marketing automation and newsletter creation, explains how Global Wizards runs powerful automations and how VBOUT has simplified his work.

To begin with, it is essential to gather information about the client’s business: what kind of industry it belongs to and which services or products it offers. To do so, we take a deep dive into our client’s web page and social networks.

Then, a Global Wizard’s expert creates some banners based on our client’s branding design and uploads them to VBOUT, which has a gallery where users can upload as many files as they want from own their computer.

Even though VBOUT has many templates available, Global Wizards’ marketing automation expert recommends creating one from scratch to obtain original results for each of your customers. In this step, inspiration and creativity are key to building true masterpieces: fonts, colors, sizes and different elements are part of the design process.

VBOUT has incredible ready-made design blocks that users love. This feature is actually great because users can choose from a variety of options: CTA, headers, social media icons, calendars, videos, and more. For those who own an eCommerce site, this amazing platform enables them to add catalogs and products.


Users can preview templates on their browsers and multiple screen sizes. What is more, VBOUT sends a preview via email in case you want to check how your clients will see the final version.

Once the email design is ready, our specialist saves it as a template that can be reused to save time for future newsletters.

The Word of An Experienced Email Marketing Agency

Email campaigns have one of the highest reported ROIs compared to many other digital marketing strategies.

Global Wizards’ marketing automation team believes VBOUT is an exceptional tool, super intuitive yet very complete. It helps our team deliver effective email marketing automation campaigns and obtain outstanding results.


Our company helps businesses develop a unique and memorable brand identity and brand image. We focus on your company’s vision and goals to build an original solution that will be attractive for your audience.

We are an email marketing agency with a special team made up of experienced developers and designers that will boost your business’s revenue with email marketing automation campaigns.

Are you ready to discover the impact of true creativity? Share your project with us, we would love to be part of it! Global Wizards is a full-service email marketing agency that will help you segment your contacts, deliver targeted messages, and automate your email campaigns to obtain the maximum lead flow.

Contact us to know more about email marketing automation services. You can also visit our blog to read more about tools and news from the digital marketing world.


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