Case Study: How to make an online spin-the-wheel game like The Sorceress’ Spin

Branding of The Sorceress' Spin. A spin the wheel game developed by Wizards

In the world of gaming, there is one game that can never miss: the old and reliable spin the wheel. With its simplicity and high thrill potential, this game has become a classic in any online casino.

But the real question here is how to make a spin the wheel online. Luckily for you, in this article, we will explain to you the traits of spin-the-wheel game development from the building process to the implications in your business. So let’s get ready and let the luck roll in.

What is The Sorceress’ Spin?

The Sorceress’ Spin is a virtual adaptation of the classic spin the wheel game. With dazzling graphics and spellbinding visual effects, it combines the charm and emotion of the classic speen wheel with the accessibility of a mobile game set in a world of magic. 

This offers players around the world the opportunity to enjoy this classic in every place at every time, without missing the emotion and excitement of the game. Your project could be our next success. Contact our wizards and craft your own world of gaming magic!

How does a spin the wheel online work?

A digital spin wheel works its magic by giving you the chance to score fantastic prizes with each spin! It’s like your own personal game of fortune. With every click, the wheel randomly lands on a segment, each holding a different surprise.

Users only have to trigger a spin action, which triggers a random result-generation process on the server. Using React Native, we provide enchanting visuals and an interactive interface, while MongoDB, the magical database, stores diverse prizes and user data, and Node.js ensures real-time updates and secure gameplay.

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A digital spin wheel works like your own personal game of fortune

The Sorceress’ Spin: Gambling as a Wizard

With our Sorceress’ Spin, you will not only have the experience and emotion of any spin wheel but also the adventure of a magical realm in which you gamble like an authentic wizardEnjoy your gambling by living the Wizards experience with the following features:

  • Enchanting Magical Realm: Step into a mesmerizing world where magic reigns supreme, filled with whimsical wizards, majestic dragons, and mystical castles. Immerse yourself in the fantasy like never before.
  • Wheel of Fortune Thrills: Get ready for heart-pounding excitement as you spin the Fortune Wheel! With each spin, your fate unfolds, offering a chance to win a treasure trove of enchanting prizes and rewards.
  • Charmed by Characters: Embark on a magical journey guided by charismatic wizards who lead you through the enchanting realm. Encounter enigmatic characters who hold the keys to unlocking extraordinary powers and secrets.
  • Spellbinding Bonuses: Unleash the true magic of the game with dazzling spells and mystical powers. Watch in awe as breathtaking visual effects light up your screen, leading you to a realm of rich and diverse prizes.
  • Gaming on the Go, Play Smart: Take the enchantment wherever you go with seamless mobile compatibility. Rest easy with responsible gaming options that let you set your limits, ensuring you play smart while indulging in the world of magic and fantasy.

As Wizards, we don’t settle with just a regular game. We go for more. Experience the enchanting realm of magic atmosphere combined with the adrenaline of gambling and the convenience of a mobile game. 

Spin wheels: a classic that doesn’t fail

A spin wheel it’s a win-win scenario that’s perfect for boosting excitement and engaging users. Plus, it’s an awesome way for brands to connect with their audience, offering personalized rewards and gaining insights into customer behavior

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Take the enchantment wherever you go with The Sorceress Spin

In other words, a spin wheel is not only a gambling game, but also a form of contacting with your audience, creating a friendly scenario where everybody can win. So don’t waste any more time. Contact us to develop your dream game and get ready to win in style!

Requirements to build a spinning wheel game

But how to build a spinning wheel game? This could sound easy, but to do it every developer must meet certain backend and technology requirements first. Some of the most important are:

  • React Native: React Native is a JavaScript framework for building mobile applications. It allows developers to create cross-platform apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase. We use it to design a custom component with rotating animations using React Native libraries. User interactions would trigger the spinning animation, and React Native’s gesture handling would enable touch-based control.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB is a NoSQL database system that stores data in a flexible, JSON-like format called BSON. It’s designed for scalability and flexibility, and that’s why we use it to store configuration data for the spinning wheel, such as prizes and their probabilities.
  • Node.js: Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows developers to run JavaScript code on the server side. This serves as the backend for the spinning wheel app. Create API endpoints to handle requests from the React Native app, such as fetching the wheel’s configuration, logging user interactions, and determining the prize based on the wheel’s rotation angle.

As you can see, developing a spin wheel it’s not just a spin of luck, but a blend of skills and tech. We can handle any challenge, using all the necessary resources to bring your game to life. Look for more with our wizards and let’s make magic together!

How to make a spin wheel online

Step 1 – Conceptualization and Design

In this initial phase, we brainstorm and outline your game’s concept. From considering the theme and visual style to sketching out the design, this step is all about establishing the creative foundation for your spin-wheel game.

Step 2 – Front-end Development

Now, with your game’s concept in mind, it’s time to bring it to life through front-end development. Here, we’ll use React Native to create the user interface. Craft the spinning wheel with captivating animations, ensuring it’s visually appealing and responsive to user interactions to make your spin wheel engaging and fun to play.

Step 3 – Back-end Development

In the back-end development phase, we employ Node.js as the engine behind your spin-wheel game. This creates the necessary server-side functionality to handle API requests from the front-end. In this step, we establish API endpoints for interactions like fetching the wheel’s configuration, logging user interactions, and determining the prize based on the wheel’s rotation angle.

Step 4 – Database Setup

Then, it’s time to configure the wheel’s segments, storing prizes and their probabilities with MongoDB, a NoSQL database. In other words, MongoDB is our database of choice, and we use it to store the configuration data for your spin wheel game.

Step 5 – Testing and Deployment

Finally, we arrived at the testing time. At this critical phase, we rigorously test all aspects of the game and refine the mechanics based on user feedback to guarantee an enjoyable experience. 

Once testing is complete, we deploy your spin wheel game for players to enjoy. Keep in mind that his step involves making your game accessible to users on various platforms and devices, making it ready to shine in the gaming world.

The Sorceress' Spin is a virtual adaptation of the classic spin the wheel game
The Sorceress’ Spin is a virtual adaptation of the classic spin the wheel game

How long does it take to develop a Spin Wheel Game?

Developing a Spin Wheel Game typically takes about 8 weeks and involves a specialized team to captivating graphics, animations, and visual elements that bring the game’s magic. 

This team includes:

  • A Back-end Developer: A back-end developer manages server-side development, ensures smooth data flow, and integrates game logic with databases.
  • A Front-end Developer: They build the user interface and game mechanics, making the spinning wheel interactive and visually engaging.
  • UI/UX Designer: This is the person in charge of designing the user interface, ensuring an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing player experience.
  • An Artist: Of course, every ambitious game development project requires an artist, that is, a person who creates captivating graphics, animations, and visual elements that bring the game’s magic to life.
  • A QA Engineer: Conducts thorough testing to identify and resolve bugs, ensuring a flawless gaming experience.
  • A Project Manager: This person is an essential member of the team. That’s because he is in charge of overseeing the project, coordinating tasks, managing timelines, and ensuring efficient teamwork.

This collaborative effort of skilled professionals brings your game from concept to reality within the specified time frame. Don’t settle with just a dream. Contact us today and let our team bring your project to life!

Develop your Spin Wheel Game with Wizards professionals

In the world of online entertainment, crafting a captivating spin wheel game is an artful blend of creativity and technology. From conceiving imaginative concepts to the flawless execution of code, every step is a brushstroke that paints the canvas of an enchanting player experience.

At Wizards, we’re here to turn your dreams into games. Our team of skilled developers, designers, and artists is ready to weave magic into your project. Let us be your partner in creating memorable, interactive experiences that captivate and entertain. Contact our wizards today, and let’s start creating magic together!

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