Jarvis AI: How to create engaging content like a boss


Jarvis AI is a unique AI platform that revolutionized the world of copywriting. In this article Global Wizards shows amazing features to power up your business.

What Is Jarvis.ai?

Have you heard about Jarvis? No, not the one from the movie… we mean the REAL Jarvis, Jarvis the AI copywriter. Well, maybe you do know Jarvis by the name of Conversion.ai.

Conversion.ai was rebranded to Jarvis AI. Last June 29th, the company announced that its new name was going to be its pet’s name. Besides, they also announced the acquisition of Shortly AI -a popular competitor- and the incorporation of a new powerful pricing plan: Boss Mode.

Boss Mode was presented as a new pricing plan, but it is actually a new feature of Jarvis.ai that allows users to give commands to the copywriting assistant by telling it what they want to write. Using Boss Mode, you will have complete control over Jarvis and you will experience the magic of having an AI assistant that writes 2 to 5 times faster than a human writer.


At this stage, some readers might be wondering, “Will AI replace copywriters?”. Well, the answer is pretty much obvious: Of course not!

Even though there are new platforms and features coming out, copywriters can not be replaced by AI. Actually, AI has come to make their tasks easier and increase their productivity. In fact, some time ago, we talked about AI tools and how to improve your marketing strategy with AI copywriting tools.

Jarvis AI -the most popular AI copywriting tool – has a wide variety of features that allow users to write fast and effective content easily for their blogs, web pages, social media sites and more. No more long hours spent in front of a blank document trying to get new ideas out of your head! Jarvis will write emails, blog posts, headlines, ads and more killer content for you.


Jarvis AI has almost 60 templates to choose from. The AI assistant has been trained by experts in copywriting to write persuasive content that will boost your business conversions. Some of the most useful templates are:

  • Long-Form assistant

From the beginning to the end, Jarvis helps you write long-form articles.

  • AIDA framework

Use the “attention, interest, desire, and action” framework to write interesting content.

  • PAS framework

If you are looking to create awesome marketing ideas, then the “Problem-agitate-solution” framework is a tool you will love.

  • Content improver

Sometimes writers need a little help to write more engaging content, that is why you can take a piece of your text and use this tool to rewrite it. As a result, you will get creative and captivating content in a blink of an eye.

  • Blog Post tools

Jarvis.ai has many tools in case you need some inspiration to write blog posts. These 4 different tools create topic ideas, outlines, intro paragraphs and conclusion paragraphs for your blog posts.


More Templates for Different Verticals

Besides the most common templates, Jarvis.ai offers some appealing tools that will ease the process of writing. Next, we will show you how each tool helps different verticals. Are you ready to upgrade your business content?

Explain it to a child

Some businesses like law firms or services providers use complex terms in their webpage or blogs without noticing that their audience might find it hard to understand. As a consequence, readers are more likely to lose interest, and they will look for alternative companies.

To avoid this from happening, Jarvis.ai has a marvelous tool that rephrases texts to make them easy to read and understand.



Real estate listing- residential

The real estate vertical will take full advantage of using this tool. Jarvis.ai creates real estate listings that captivate readers’ attention and sell homes easily.

Engaging questions

Although anyone might find this tool useful, bloggers will love it! Jarvis.ai creates engaging questions to increase interest and engagement. If it takes you long hours to find that question that triggers your audience’s attention, then look no further. Jarvis.ai is your superhero!



Tools for YouTube videos

YouTube videos are part of our daily life, and businesses in general use videos to catch their audience’s attention quickly.

However, influencers and bloggers will be able to brainstorm new topics for their videos, create script outlines, video titles, video descriptions and more in a few clicks. Jarvis will ensure your videos rank perfectly well on YouTube!

Learn about Jarvis AI

Jarvis.ai is an extremely powerful tool that enables users to create exceptional, original content quickly. Even though it has an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t require expert knowledge to use it, Jarvis AI offers 4 alternatives for you to learn more about this platform and make the most out of it.

101 training

Attend a live call where you can make questions to Jarvis.ai Co-Founder, Chris Hull, and he will clear up your doubts.


Read articles that explain how to create better content in no time. You will find useful information about the platform’s features.

Expert’s videos

Watch training videos from experts who will teach you how to better use Jarvis AI in their webinars.

Help Center

Access a help desk to find the answers to your questions! Guides, tips and tricks, examples and more resources are part of Jarvis AI Help Center.

Jarvis AI Pricing


Global Wizards’ Crystal Ball Tells the Future Is Here

Global Wizards celebrates Jarvis AI update as the Boss Mode represents a huge step into the future of copywriting.

Jarvis helps us develop new ideas for our clients faster, and they are always amazed by the results. After using it on several projects, we have realized that there is no time wasted learning complicated software or spending valuable time on tools that don’t work well enough to meet client expectations. This tool has made our lives easier!

We strongly encourage copywriters to try out this AI assistant platform and experience real game-changer tools that will save your valuable time and will generate original and attractive content.

Global Wizards is a digital marketing company with tons of experience in AI & ML solutions. If you are interested in the field of artificial intelligence, take a look at our work. You can also visit our blog or contact us to have a 30-minute consultation. We would love to hear from you!


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