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Top 5 Development Facts to Keep In Mind

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without smartphones. These handy devices allow us access and communication in many areas of our lives: from work or school; socializing with friends via messaging apps like Snapchat; staying updated on the latest news headlines through live video streaming services such as YouTube, and the list goes on!

With more than 6.4 billion smartphone users around the world, there are no doubts developers try to create and deliver the best mobile app experiences as possible.

Our digital marketing company has years of experience in custom mobile app development and thus, we created a list of the 5 more important items to have in consideration when creating a new product.

Mobile app security and privacy

They are probably the most important qualities of any mobile app. When a new user downloads and signs up in your app, they expect to have the best mobile app security and user privacy. They want their data to be safe and used only for the intended purposes.

When a new user signs up in your app, they expect your full commitment towards making sure that their data is safe, breaches free, and that it won’t be used for purposes other than what they are intended for.

You can make them trust your product by allowing them to set a multifactor authentication and create stronger passwords that include a combination of numbers, letters, special characters, etc.


Intuitive User interface and familiar layout

Design is a vital aspect of custom mobile app development. An intuitive UI will help you deliver a better customer experience because it will be easy for users to navigate and know what to expect when tapping the screen.

The aim is to use universally known aspects and design elements to keep a familiar app layout. For instance, the green color is associated with success, the red color is a sign of failure or error, the close button is always placed in the top right corner, a trash icon represents the action of deleting something, and so on.

These aspects will help users save time as they don’t need to guess how the app works. The perfect mobile app design should be simple, inviting, and convenient.


Guided User Onboarding

In today’s competitive market, it is hard to get a slice of the pie. The increasing competition in the market, mobile app developers face the fact that many users usually abandon apps the following day after downloading them.

These are the reasons why a guided user onboarding experience is key in custom mobile app development. Users that have too much trouble discovering features or figuring out how to use the app are more likely to uninstall your product as fast as they downloaded it.

Prevent this from happening by offering users a tutorial to help them get familiar with your mobile app.


Mix equal parts of Customizability and Uniformity

Let users choose sizes, colors, shapes, and features. Users love to customize their apps according to their needs. It will clearly make them stick around for longer times.

However, too much customization can end up in unnecessary confusion and having a poor experience. Our piece of advice is to standardize essential features to avoid users from using the app the wrong way.


High Responsiveness

People in general hate waiting. Users, in particular, want to know what is going on. For example, if they click a button on any app, but they don’t receive any feedback indicating so, they will probably think the app didn’t register their input.

These things deliver a poor user experience. Instead, you can add a short animation any time a user clicks a button or does anything similar.

Also, showing them that their inputs are being processed by the app will help users to be more patient because they realize your app service is active.


The Bottom Line

The previous mobile app development facts will be of much help if you are planning to create a new product.

As we said before, the mobile app market is constantly growing, and sometimes it may be difficult to stay on top of it. However, it is always worth knowing that users choose mobile apps to make their lives easier and save time.

Global Wizards is a mobile app development company that knows exactly what your company needs to call your clients’ attention.

Our specialized team will help you create marvelous and creative mobile apps that will take your business from zero to hero.

To know more about us, visit our webpage and take a look at our best cases. You can also contact us to share your next project. We would love to hear from you!


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