New mobile app for the deaf and sign language interpreting specialists


To collaborate with Señas en Acción, Global Wizards has developed the first mobile app for deaf people and Sign Language Interpreting specialists. Keep reading to learn more about it!

About Señas en Acción

Señas en Acción is a non-profit organization that works to improve social development and communication.

The organization’s mission is to expand the Argentine Sign Language, promote deaf people’s inclusion, teach Sign Language among citizens and create connections between the deaf and hearing people.

Señas en Acción

Global Wizards’ mobile app development

Taking SEA’s mission into consideration, Global Wizards developed a mobile app that makes the process of finding an Argentine Sign Language interpreter much easier. It is the first mobile app in Argentina and it represents a huge step for the whole society.

The free app results from a combination of the latest technology and a simple interface. Both, Android users and iOS users can download it for free on any device.

After the user has downloaded the app, the following step is to create a user account with an email and that’s it! The user will have access to a large number of professional interpreters, and also Sign Language students, that will offer interpretation services.


InterSEA enables deaf people to find interpreters who will help them receive a medical diagnosis, buy, sell, study or any other activity. Users can locate interpreters searching by geographical area, choosing how they would like to meet the professional -in person or a videocall-, specifying their budget and also selecting a list of professionals available online for emergencies.

Users have access to helpful information at the moment of searching for an interpreter: they can see who is the professional, how long has he or she been working as a Sign Language interpreter, how long has he or she been part of the Argentine Sign Language community and even watch a video of the professional.

Thanks to InterSEA’s friendly interface, Sign Language professionals can work remotely or face to face in different meetings, conferences, seminars and more events. With over 200 professional interpreters registered at InterSEA already, professionals have plenty of options for places where their skills will be needed most!

Hearing people can also use InterSEA as a way of including the deaf in everyday life. Today, there are more than 1 million deaf people in Argentina and more than 70 million in the world. By using this new app, companies facilitate the integration of the deaf in its massive events, talks and training workshops in an easy way.


One step closer to inclusion

As technology advances, more people are able to communicate with sign language. The number of students learning this form of communication has increased according to the latest statistics.

Señas en Acción decided to record their online lessons for people who want to learn the Argentine Sign Language but can not afford it. Anyone can watch them on IGTV at Thanks to technology and virtuality there has been an increment in the number of Sign Language students.

The organization won a Google Challenge Prize in 2018 that boosted the creation and development of a second mobile app that will offer Sign Language translation services.


A challenging project

Global Wizards was proud to work with Señas en Acción as it represented a contribution to society. Our team shares the desire of creating a more accessible society for the common good.

Señas en Acción put its faith in Global Wizards to create InterSEA. We are an experienced digital marketing agency that offers a variety of services. In this particular case, we combined mobile design strategies with tech, UX, and UI skills that enabled us to deliver a high-quality product and the best experiences on the small screen.

If you are interested in reading more about our services take a look at our works, visit us on Facebook or Instagram or leave us a message.


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