MobileMonkey is the best tool to automate Instagram DM


What Is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is the most important OmniChat platform in the world. It allows businesses to establish connections with customers in real-time using WhatsApp, Web Chat and SMS Messenger Instagram.

This platform is an integrated engagement marketing tool that is intuitive yet very powerful. It helps businesses drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

MobileMonkey offers 4 different products: InstaChamp, Agencio, Funnel Pro, SMBots. Each product has been created for Instagram users, agencies, in-house marketers and SMBS respectively.

Learn More About Instagram DM Automation

If you’re looking to generate revenue and leads from Instagram, but don’t have the time necessary for a personal response via organic posts, then automated direct messages are your solution.

In some words, DM or direct messaging automation is a way to save time by having your Instagram messages and comments replied to automatically on your behalf.

This tool allows you to connect with your audience and offer them a quick, personalized experience without having to answer comments manually.

Although people think automation will only save their time, it is important to say that these tools have a huge potential to grow a business on Instagram.

InstaChamp Is Your Solution!

InstaChamp is an automated tool for all kinds of brands. It was built by MobileMonkey to provide customer service and interact with the audience in an easy and automated way. It helps influencers, creators, and coaches to increase organic engagement and power up follower growth on Instagram.

Thanks to the support of Facebook Messenger API, this tool provides businesses with new strategies to handle messaging at scale.

InstaChamp by MobileMonkey offers 3 main features that are very simple to set up and that will help your business achieve its goals. Some of your business goals might be selling your products or services, sending Instagram traffic to your website, or replying to your fans quickly.

For all those objectives and more, InstaChamp by MobileMonkey offers the following features:

  • Story mentions: Send DMs automatically to people who mention your account in their stories.
  • Post comments: Send DMs automatically to people who comment on your posts.
  • Direct messages: Reply dms automatically.
MobileMonkey, the best tool for automate instragram dms

Benefits of Automating Instagram DMs

  • Grow your audience: When you automate Instagram DM, you can engage with customers and prospects to generate revenue and leads. This new technology lets your brand comment and interact with your audience to maximize engagement. As a result, your business will get more followers.
  • Increase organic engagement: Open up a world of possibilities to engage at scale on Instagram with real-time direct messages, comments, mentions and more. By adding automated tools, brands can easily increase meaningful engagement by opening conversations with followers, customers, and prospects.
  • Let your audience and customers know you are there 24/7: People love Instagram because it is a social media platform that facilitates communication between people and the brands they love. If your brand always answers questions and provides valuable information as well as support, users will feel at ease with your company.
  • Boost content visibility: Expand your reach by encouraging your audience to make comments, share your profile’s content and mention your brand’s name on social media platforms. Boost your content visibility in your followers’ feeds whenever they mention your business account or when they send you messages.
  • Drive traffic to other platforms: If you want to increase conversions and sales, use automated tools to send your Instagram audience to your sponsor’s platform or to another website. Turn Instagram traffic into web traffic and transform your sales funnels effectively.

InstaChamp Pricing

As we said before, InstaChamp is a product by MobileMonkey, so you may be wondering: “Is MobileMonkey free?” Well, each of its products has different pricing.

For instance, InstaChamp offers a free plan called VIP Creator and Influencer as a free gift and a Platinum plan. You can get started with the free plan now by signing in with your Facebook account and then link it to your business account.

InstaChamp’s free plan is enough to get started engaging and monetizing your audience using Instagram direct messaging automation.

IC 2 Wizards

Why Mobilemonkey? Global Wizards’ Opinion

Global Wizards believes in InstaChamp’s potential to manage your social media relations effectively. It is clear that automated tools in general -and InstaChamp in particular – save precious time while providing quick and valuable customer service.

The fact that InstaChamp helps businesses drive more traffic and increase conversion rates makes it the perfect online marketing tool to get customers hooked on your brand. By using this platform, influencers and creators can grow their following on Instagram organically.

Our digital marketing company finds InstaChamp an effective and very easy-to-use tool that will benefit companies in a world where technology is in constant evolution.

If you want to read more articles about automated tools, visit our blog. You can also drop us a line to know more about our services if you wish.


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