Google Shopping tab has new “Deals” features

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Last Thursday, the company has introduced a new feed to showcase “Deals” in Google Shopping tab that will join the Merchant Center features.

This Google Shopping optimization will help retailers to showcase limited time promotions, sales and discounts.


Also, Shopify and WooCommerce merchants will be able to promote their deals across Google surfaces thanks to new Google Shopping optimization and new integrations.

Now, products with a deals badge will automatically appear on the new “Deals” feed within Google Shopping tab.

This year, we’re building new ways for people to explore deals in Google Shopping and improving our reporting capabilities to help you better understand the performance of your deals. -said Google. You can read the complete announcement here.

Google has also added more features to the performance report in the Google Merchant Center. It is easy –and useful– for merchants to track which of their products are eligible for a deals badge. The selection depends on promotions, sales prices and/or discounts.


Why is Google Shopping optimization so important?

The information that retailers obtain from the products tab of Google Merchant Center will help them ensure to be eligible for sales, promotions, price drops and more organic opportunities to reach a bigger audience.

It will also help businesses owners to understand the kind of deals that drive more conversions and which product categories perform best when on-sale. With this information, merchants will be able to attract new customers during special dates like Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

What is more, the deals carousel will be shown on the main search results page where users will be more likely to see those deals as they don’t need to navigate over the shopping tab first.


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