Google News bug: all you need to know

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A Google News bug was discovered today and will take a day to be fixed.

Google SearchLiaison, the official Twitter account from Google’s public liaison of search, announced today –Monday, November 29, 2021- that Google News was experiencing some problems. The bug will be probably fixed tomorrow or anytime after December 1st, 2021.


The announcement says: We’ve identified a bug where searching with quotes while using the news tab and sorting by date would return content from across the web, not just news-related content. We’re releasing a fix for this tomorrow, so it should be resolved by Dec. 1 or a few days after.”

This means that users would have to do research in Google News’ Search Tab with quotation marks and order the search results by date. That is, they would have to take some complex steps to search for news like they did before.

The problem with this is that most search users probably don’t know how to search news by date. If this is your case, then all you need to do is to click the Tools button and then select the “Sort by Date” link.

Let’s hope Google news bug is fixed soon!


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