Google Search Console Old Version Is Dead And Gone

Google Search Console

Say goodbye to Google Search Console old version!

Google has introduced a new design for its Search Console with the intention to improve user experience and accessibility.

You can take a look at Google Search Console new design right after you login into your account. The company was looking for change in the composition and organization of Google Search Console’s features to deliver a better user experience and improve accessibility.


“We’re starting a journey to refresh the look and feel of Search Console,” Google wrote on is official account on Twitter, “Over the next few months you’ll see small changes in the product with a goal to improve accessibility and user experience in general. We hope you like it!”

Search Console is a game changer for many SEOs. The new design looks fresh and clean but, as far as we can tell, it doesn’t seem like there has been big changes in functionality.

In Google’s Tweet you can take a little sneak peak to the new Google Search Console design.


So, now that Google Search Console old version is gone, we hope you enjoy using this tool’s updated interface!

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