Android 12 beta implements a new design for Gmail

Android 12 beta brings in new changes!

Google introduced Android 12 beta and its users can take a look at the new Gmail design. In this article, Global Wizards tells you all you need to know!

As we all know, Gmail is one of the most well-known free email service providers in the world. Almost every cellphone includes Gmail in its list of apps. If you are a Gmail user, there are high chances that you have downloaded it on your mobile to have a simplified experience.

In the past months, Google introduced the upcoming Android 12 and surprised all of us with a different design approach. This is considered to be the biggest design change for Android in a very long time.

The new UI for Android 12 beta, as well as its general theme, is called Material You. It is based on each user devices’ theme as well as on the wallpapers used. Material You has to do with dynamic color usage.

With Android’s new design, Gmail will give its users a brand-new welcome. The new Gmail design is already available for those using the updated version of Android 12. Unlike the previous versions, some of Android 12 beta highlights include more oval edges, simplified menus and closer tones.


Google has revamped its app designs on many occasions. Recently, it announced some revisions on design aspects of Chrome and the Translation application. The company plans to improve and change designs in all of its applications gradually. Chances are that users experience a slightly different design in all Google apps by next year.

How to update Gmail app?

Since these new design approaches are available for Android 12, only its users can take full advantage of Gmail’s new version. In the near future, probably all of us will be able to experience the new aspects of Gmail.

Android 12 Beta 4, an approach to the final phase of development, can be tested for Android users, although it only contains minimal features and changes from the previous beta versions. Some new features are one-handed mode, redesigned notifications and app privacy settings.

However, some Android 12 users have reported difficulties in finding Gmail’s update in the Play Store. Apparently, an easy way to solve this problem is to download and install Gmail’s latest version as an Android Package File (APK File). However, it is advisable to just be patient and wait for improvements, as APK Files are sometimes inconvenient.


We are sure that in the very near future Google will release more details about Android 12, and probably we will have access to more information about apps’ design.

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