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Google shopping optimization: new shipping and return notes

Google has made an announcement to show the shipping and return policies of stores. Customers and merchants will take advantage of Google Shopping Optimization

Google has just released a new set of tips to help advertisers boost their holiday sales. Google Shopping Optimization include strategies that are aimed at targeting the ever-important holiday shopper and utilize current features that Google offers to accomplish this goal.

On August 31, 2021, Google made an announcement that said: “Today, we are announcing new shipping and return annotations in Google Search and Shopping results–across free and paid listings”

This announcement has been planned to show the shipping and return policies of stores in order to help consumers know whether they can get free delivery and returns on their purchases for this holiday season. It will also help merchants to stand out from the pack and they will surely notice a refreshed business identity that will better reflect your commitment to offering excellent customer service!

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Google is getting ready for the holiday season by adding labels to products that will appear on both free and paid listings, but only if merchants meet a list of requirements that Google has created, so probably shipping and return labels won’t appear in all products.

The company now gives retailers the possibility to indicate in search results when they offer special offers related to shipping and returns. This will help users find what they are looking for more easily since not all retailers list this information on their listings or websites.

Google has been adding features that encourage users to buy items they might have otherwise skipped over. Although they won’t dramatically change your shopping experience, the addition of shipping and return annotations to Google’s shopping hubs makes customers more inclined to purchase a product.

When you order something online, it can be super frustrating to wait. But now with Google shipping annotations on Google shopping search results, customers will feel more at ease because they know when their orders are expected to arrive!

Shoppers will now be able to see their orders shipping details Google Shopping search result’s annotations such as “Free delivery by Monday, January 1st” or “Get it by Jan 1st”.

Before today, annotations were either “fast” or “free”. These labels will be an advantage for merchants since it has been confirmed that the ones that highlight 1 to 3-day shipping in their listings increase 11% in average CTR.

If you haven’t done it yet, check and set up your shipping information in Google Merchant Center. Synchronize your shipping data with providers such as FedEx, USPS, and UPS so that Google can calculate custom shipping speeds for your customers. Also, use the “Shipping attribute” in your feed to specify each product’s cost of delivery and speed.

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