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Best Law Firm Marketing Strategies for successful lawyers

Global Wizards' team builds effective law firm marketing strategies to help your business attract new clients. Let's create your business' best version!

Effective law firm marketing strategies will be vital not only to begin with a new firm but also to continue driving engagement on your established firm’s website.

Even though you may have the best team in town, the best resources and assets in the field, with the right contacts to help every immigrant client realize their American dream, the phone isn’t ringing, those online forms are not being filled properly, and your social media outreach is… well, just not reaching.

But why? You probably already searched and viewed more than a few DIY Youtube videos on how to track the right Keywords or do SEO, brand positioning, and have been bombarded with single-solution services that are both expensive and just not fit for an immigration lawyer’s needs.

Don’t sweat it, that’s what we are here for! Here is a list of the best law firm marketing strategies to put in practice:

  • Take your time to think about what you want from your site

Focus on your customers and potential customers’ user experience. You know them better than anyone, you know their life stories and real needs, so tailor your content and site architecture accordingly. If done properly, it WILL drive conversion and will make the online ‘KPIs’ dread a thing of the past. Offer the right information using a compelling and trustworthy narrative for those who are looking for clear solutions. Show them that you truly speak their language.

Find the best Law firm marketing strategies at Global Wizards
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  • Don’t be afraid of using the last tech and gadgets

Our LATAM & Hispanic research has shown the importance of having a fast mobile-optimized site where your clients can find their answers. Your customers are looking for someone who cares, and having a fully-powered site, in their own language, will make them already feel supported even before having the first meeting.

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  • Search engine optimization

Making your content relevant to your public now has an extra step. It needs to be aligned to what they are writing into their search engines. If your webpage content and design follow certain parameters and keywords it will be rewarded by Google (for example) and will be ranked on the first few options for those searches. At a business level, it is a real game-changer because people tend to trust more the first names listed in search results whenever they look for specific topics.

Following every KPI can be dreadful when every single detail counts but there are many online solutions that will be useful to optimize your content. Some weeks ago, Global Wizards published a Semrush review that you might find interesting to read.

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  • Ads

Yes, we know. It feels like gambling, and it’s always eating more and more of your budget without a meaningful impact on your online presence. Well, at Global Wizards we believe that an all-in ad outburst is not the right path for an immigration law firm. It’s not going to be cost-effective, and you are going to miss your target, by far. There are more effective law firm marketing strategies that will take your business to the right place.

Immigration is a niche market and you need to spend some time figuring out where you should be targeting, and re-targeting. The immigrant community has a strong peer-to-peer recommendation structure. Use that to YOUR advantage. Get your success stories out there; share them on targeted platforms. Be selective, and make a strong bet to the right horse without further damaging your budget.

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  • Social Media

Remember the narrative thing from item n°1? Well, here it comes in handy. If you have given enough time and thought space to your firms’ narrative it’s going to be easy to set up a social media presence. You know that having that spotlight today is one of the best law firm marketing strategies.

We know it can be time-consuming, but you need to engage your existing and potential customers on social media platforms. There are community management solutions to make it easier to post from any device. You can even schedule your post to match your customers’ viewing prime-time, with highly interactive content that they can rely on.

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  • Build clear CTA!

Call to action buttons are a key part of law firm marketing strategies. When designing your website, always be mindful of having clear and highlighted buttons where your customers can contact you, book an appointment or even pay for their dues!

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These law firm marketing strategies are a great way to kickstart your online presence, spread your counsel and spend your time, energy and money where your business needs it the most.

If it feels like a full-time job… Well, that is because it is. At Global Wizards, we are here to help you.

What makes Global Wizards unique at Immigration Law Marketing?

There are many reasons why our company is chosen by many law firms to help them manage and improve their businesses. Next, some of Global Wizards’ best features.

We have a full-fledged team ready to deliver any online marketing solutions that you and your legal firm have. We are specialists in creating and delivering the best online strategy for your firm, from a custom-made high-speed site -that is mapped and fully integrated- to your immigration legal case management software.

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We generate solid content to knit a cohesive narrative in English and Spanish alike that your clients will appreciate and search for. The content is fully optimized for search engines and will give your firm the spotlight it deserves.

We craft a total social media action plan that engages customers, giving you and your team the peace of mind and time needed to solve your clients’ problems. At Global Wizards, we guarantee that your voice is going to be heard by those in need and their peers by using the correct law firm marketing strategies!

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tailored content plans
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SEO is precise clockwork, and KPIs can be tricky. But we make it easy: we do trending keyword research to find the ones worth using. Then we strategize a content creation plan and web design around them without losing track of the user experience. Our team is ready to research and create the content needed in English, Spanish and other languages if needed.

We have a Content Delivery Network or CDN in place, ready for all our SEO plans. We make your website content available from 48 different data centers worldwide, guaranteeing zero delays to any region, improving the SEO, conversion rate & user experience.

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web development
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Our backlinking structure offers over 75 million active links that will drive meaningful traffic to your site while making it relevant to Search Engines. We have access to immigration law directories that are valuable to you, and your clients. It’s the backbone of any successful web page online.

Custom Email Delivery Services for all leads produced by all internal forms & newsletters. We are using a custom authenticated email service, hosted in our own domain, to prioritize all our internal notifications while following international e-security safety standards. You’re not going to miss a contact form, register notification or any other kind of email ever again!

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plugins and integrations
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We have the best integrations available in the market: do you want to allow your clients to book a meeting in your schedule? We can do it. Do you want a direct payment integration? We can also do it! An automated mailing and labeling service with USPS and DHL? We got you. There is no limit. Just let us know what your wildest online dreams are, and we will make them happen!

Do you want to learn more from our comprehensive immigration law firm marketing strategies? Get in contact today!

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