How to create the best SEO content strategy


Developing a good SEO content strategy should be as important as choosing the right keywords, schemas, heading tags, page titles, linking and more SEO items. The truth is that what is written on a page does matter and shouldn’t become an afterthought.

Even though the technical aspects of SEO play an important role, content is the key to any successful SEO content strategy. This means that successful search engine optimization always starts with good quality articles and blog posts from which search engines, like Google, obtain information to rank your company higher in their results pages.


Let’s put it like this: Websites need technical SEO to guarantee that all the technical requirements are met to rank organically in search results. Once people find your business’ website, you need to publish relevant content to encourage them to click on it and stay on your site. If you post high-quality content people will feel motivated to take action.

Notice that factors surrounding algorithms will always change, but one thing remains constant: good writing equals high rankings!

So we are talking about high-quality content having a key role in SEO and the fact that it should never be underestimated but, how do you realize if you are producing quality content? Well, the challenge of converting readers is what every author strives for. Be sure that it educates visitors, encourages engagement and differentiates your business from the competition in the market.

How to create the best SEO content strategy

First, if you want to write effective SEO content, you need to get out of the SEO mindset. Try not to focus only on SEO items like keywords and page titles, and pay attention to creating significant content for your audience. Remember, your aim is to reach real people when they need it most and not only search engine bots. If you keep that in mind, you are less likely to commit SEO mistakes in digital content production.


Apart from making fewer SEO mistakes, the following techniques will help you produce valuable content and drive more people to your business’ site. In consequence, conversion rates will increase.

  • Put yourself in the costumer’s shoes

Your products or services are supposed to provide solutions to particular problems, and you should bear that in mind whenever you develop content ideas. What would you expect to find in a brand? Consider how would you feel if you were in your customers’ position and speak to them with empathy.

  • Analyze the competition

Sometimes you struggle with your SEO content strategy, and you might find the solution in your competition’s content. This doesn’t mean that you are going to copy every single word of your competitors’ content, but you can take some ideas related to the topics that work well for them to get some inspiration.

  • Understand and dominate your business’ niche

Even if your business is in a competitive market, it has something that makes your brand unique. Discover what is it that differentiates you and your business from the rest: It might be customer service, user experience or a particular feature of a product. Try to add that reason in your content production to show readers which is your brand’s main strength.

  • In-depth topic research

Although it probably sounds obvious, many businesses fail to obtain useful information about what has already been said on the internet about certain thematic. The point here is to analyze which topics your competition is talking about and whether people find it interesting or not.

There are many tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner or SEMrush that are easy to use and will help you find topics with high search volumes and low competition.

  • Trust your content team

Creating high-quality content is a delicate balance between creativity and expertise. You and your team know more than anyone, which is the strategy that works best for your business.

Since time and resources are limited, creating a calendar is a good idea to make sure you have steady progress and the quality and frequency of your posts increase.

However, if in-house content creation turns too time-consuming and is not realistic, embrace the idea of outsourcing, so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

All you need is hard work and a bit of magic

A successful SEO content strategy is not only about increasing organic search rankings. One well-written article, blog post or news item backed by an optimized website will surely help your business to stand out in search engines.

If done correctly, content marketing not only increases SEO rankings but also attracts more website visitors and creates thought leadership, which in turn drives new conversions with even greater success than before.


You’ll never get where you want to be if you don’t start with the basics. So make sure to develop an SEO content strategy that works for your business, and then grow from there!

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