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AI based email marketing will give you the best results

AI based email marketing is a widely used method for business promotion. Read this article to learn how to make the most out of it!

AI based email marketing turns out to be essential for any business since by the year 2023, there will be almost 5 billion email users around the world and digital communication will reach new horizons.

It seems wise to use the power of AI to leverage your email marketing strategy and make an impact on your business’s target audience.

According to recent studies, companies that include email marketing campaigns in their digital marketing strategies are likely to grow exponentially. Nowadays, 49% of marketers and specialists are using AI in email marketing campaigns.

ai based email marketing will take your business to a whole new level
AI based email marketing will give you the best results 6

When it comes to email marketing, AI helps businesses to optimize email subject lines, segment target audiences and build better email automation workflows in general, which will boost click-through rates and open rates.

Global Wizards’ team, which is made up of email marketing automation specialists, reveals 6 tips to power up your email marketing strategy.

1- Write catchy subject lines

AI in email marketing will help you create better email subjects, CTA and different email sections.

You need to create attractive email subjects to catch the recipients’ attention. Why is this so important? Well, people open -or not- emails depending mostly on how interesting is the subject line.

An advantage of using AI based email marketing is that businesses can track the performance of their email campaigns and analyze which subject lines worked best. AI also shows subject lines recommendations in case you are not too inspired to create engaging and interactive subject lines.

strategy Global Wizards
AI based email marketing will give you the best results 7

2- Copywriting optimization and CTA

Artificial intelligence analyzes the topics explored by your website’s visitors and creates custom-tailored newsletters from week to week when a user dives into a new content category.

When it comes to CTA optimization, AI will help you check users’ behavior and interests so that you can create better CTA and obtain top-notch results.

3- Segment your audience

Create segmented email lists to increase conversions. AI data segmentation will let you send targeted emails to your customers and potential customers in less time in comparison to manual segmentation. Hence, AI based email marketing is less stressful and easy to set.

Your contact list can be segmented based on:

  • Age, location or gender
  • Consumer behavior, search patterns and interests
  • Email behavior and click activities
segment your audience Global Wizards
AI based email marketing will give you the best results 8

Marketing with AI is more precise and efficient, as its powerful machine learning algorithms tap into the deep insights of customers to find those who are most likely interested in your product.

If you want to boost your marketing efforts to the fullest you can also segment your contacts according to their position in the sales funnel.

4- Customize your emails

Adding AI in email marketing strategies allows marketers to select the best time to send emails to their customers as there are many tools to understand consumer behavior.

Marketers can predict what users would like to see and therefore make all the necessary adjustments to email content. Subscribers are more likely to open and read the emails you send if those are made with custom and professional templates.

5- Workflow automation

AI based email marketing allows marketers and specialists to schedule emails to send at different times. This feature is really useful if your contacts belong to multiple time zones, or to determine the exact time where users tend to look at their emails and respond actively.

email workflow Global Wizards
AI based email marketing will give you the best results 9

6- In-deph analysis and insights

Traditional statistics and other reporting methods can be complemented with AI to maximize the analysis of any marketing campaign.

AI based email marketing will generate data that will be vital to achieving your business goals and objectives. Funnels, cohorts analysis and churn analysis are some of the improved techniques that will provide you with useful information to take action on the most problematic areas.

What do email marketing automation specialists think about this?

AI in email marketing will make your company witness and experience extraordinary growth in just some simple steps. It is an effective strategy to build and deliver successful campaigns as it will help you create specific, personalized and targeted emails that will stand out in users’ mailboxes.

email Global Wizards
AI based email marketing will give you the best results 10

Global Wizards’ team members are email marketing automation specialists that know how to create appealing email marketing campaigns by using the best tools and strategies.

Our company delivers quality online marketing services that include email marketing, SMS marketing and newsletter creation that will guarantee your business the best results.

Let’s talk! We would love to take your business to a higher level!

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