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Community posts are now used by small YouTube channels

Good news! YouTube community posts will be available for small channels starting on Oct 12. From now on many creators will connect better with their audience.

YouTube has announced that they will now allow small YouTube channels with under 1,000 subscribers to publish community posts. More creators will be able to publish community posts from October 2021 because the Discussion Tab will be removed.

Before this announcement, channels were required to have a minimum of 1000 subscribers to make community posts. With YouTube’s decision to lower the eligibility criteria for this type of post, many more creators will be able to access a tool that better connects them with their audiences.

Starting on October 12, million more creators with 500 subscribers or more will be able to make their contribution on community posts.

Community posts on YouTube will be available for small channels
Community posts are now used by small YouTube channels 3

Creators can interact with their audience in a variety of ways. Community posts include polls, GIFs, images, videos and even text that keep your audience engaged in between videos.

In this day and age, it is important for YouTube channels to upload new content regularly -every day or every week- to attract their audience’s attention. Unfortunately, for a big number of creators it is practically impossible to do so. Instead, they prefer to publish quick community posts. With YouTube’s announcement, there won’t be significant limitations on the minimum number of subscribers for small channels to use rich media.

YouTube’s latest update helps smaller channels get more attention compared to previous times where only big-name users were able to upload original contributions. YouTube Community posts were designed to take the place of the Discussion Tab, which will be removed next October 12.

These posts are placed within a channel’s community tab and also on subscriber’s home pages. They represent an excellent promotional tool for creators to advertise their next videos while building stronger audience connections.

According to YouTube, the company is working to extend this new feature to many more channels. It is important to say that after a channel passes 500 subscribers, it may take up to 7 days to have access to community posts’ options.

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Community posts are now used by small YouTube channels 4

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