Did the YouTube algorithm change? The real answer is here!

Did the YouTube algorithm change? Global Wizards has the answer to that question. Keep on reading to know more about the seasonal decline!

If your channel has been experiencing a disruption in viewership patterns, you are not alone. In this article, we will explain why you are seeing changed patterns.

Every year, during the fall season, the average viewer activity goes down on the workweek and spikes on weekends. The company has a reason for this fact.

Did the YouTube algorithm change?
Did the YouTube algorithm change? The real answer is here! 3

In a new video on the Creators Insiders channel, a project manager from the YouTube recommendations team answered some questions referred to search and discovery.

“Did the YouTube algorithm change?”

That was one of the questions answered by Rachel, who works as a project manager in the YouTube recommendations team.

She said it was normal to notice a change in watch patterns around this time of year. Even though there may be other reasons for this, during the summer months school starts up again and viewer schedules are modified. It has nothing to do with algorithms but rather with life changes.

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Did the YouTube algorithm change? The real answer is here! 4

Similar to Google, YouTube makes improvements many times a year to update its recommendation system, however, ranking signals don’t typically change. In other words, a sudden drop in views isn’t probably a result of a YouTube algorithm change. Instead, seasonality may be the most probable explanation for this event.

The company explained that this time of the year there are many fluctuations in viewership because there are other things happening in viewers’ lives. Also, during the holiday season video views usually fall for the same reason.

It turns out life gets more interesting than watching YouTube videos sometimes!

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