“Add yours” stickers for Instagram stories are now available

add yours sticker

Once again, Instagram is following the steps of TikTok and now offers new stickers for Instagram Stories.

On November 1st, the “Add Yours” sticker has been launched and users can now create more engagement with other social media members.

Stickers for Instagram stories have many functions. In particular, the “Add Yours” sticker lets users share content while prompting others to respond to it so as to create engaging reply threads.

One example is an “outfit of the day” (OOTD) prompt, that invites followers to respond with their own “Outfit of the day” image.


When followers respond, they are added to a profile bubble list on the sticker so that more users can go through all the responses to the thread and therefore build a chain within Stories that will boost engagement.

This new feature is very similar to TikTok’s Duet feature, where users create long interactive chains of content connected with the original theme.

Even though the main purpose of this new sticker is to invite followers to collaborate, it is also seen as a new way to discover more users to follow. Whenever someone clicks on the “Add Yours” sticker the full list of users who have replied to the story is displayed.


The launching of this new sticker for Instagram stories comes after many tests over the last month where some Instagram users could experience and use the “Add Yours” feature. Now, it is rolled out globally for Android and iOS users.

The global availability of new stickers for Instagram stories aims at giving users new entertaining ways to collaborate and share what they like most as the company tries to compete with other social media platforms.


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