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Facebook smart glasses are already on sale!

Facebook smart glasses were released last Thursday. In this article you will find all you need to know about the new line of smart glasses. Keep on reading!

Facebook smart glasses became a reality last Thursday. Social media giant Facebook has launched its new line of smart glasses with the help of Ray-Ban. These sunglasses, called “Ray-Ban Stories” are already on sale since September 9th and people can find them online and at some stores in the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Australia.

Facebook’s latest attempt to make a wearable device is now in the form of sunglasses. The giant of social networks and the European company EssilorLuxottica have partnered up for this project, called “Ray-Ban Stories.”. Last Thursday, the companies revealed their new product.

The world’s leading social media platform’s sunglasses are equipped with a camera that can record videos and photos in 30 seconds or less by just pressing one button on the side. Facebook smart glasses include a virtual voice assistant who will take pictures and videos hands-free for you through voice commands such as “Hey Facebook, take a photo”.

So how much are Ray Ban sunglasses -Actually, Facebook Ray Ban smart glasses or Ray-Ban Stories-? Their price starts at $299 and includes a charging case. The US, UK, Canada, Italy, Ireland and Australia already sell these special sunglasses.

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Although Mark Zuckerberg said the new glasses are not yet augmented reality ones, meaning the technology used does not place digital images on users’ view of the real world, they surely move Zuckerberg’s company closer to that goal.

Mark Zuckerberg believes the future is bright for augmented reality (AR) technology and its impact across platforms like gaming or social sharing through AR smartglasses. He envisions a world where users can interact socially in real-time despite being next to each other rather than constantly interacting via screens as they do today. He has expressed the desire of creating a future in which Augmented Reality glasses allow people to play games on their couch next to their friends’ holograms or share experiences without whipping out phones.

Even though Facebook Ray-Ban smart glasses represent a big step for the company, they have certain limitations that place them far from becoming the future trend. Some of the things you can’t do with these smart glasses are browsing Facebook, shopping or playing games. Besides, you need to recharge the gadget every six hours with their charging case.

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The idea of wearing a computer on your face is not new. Companies like Google, Snap and Amazon have tried to get people excited about smart glasses. Samsung and Apple are also said to be working on AR glasses.

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